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elair is an American rapper, singer-songwriter and musical engineer raised in Montana. elair has shared the stage with many renowned artists around the country, and has developed a strong catalogue for an up and coming artist. His debut solo project "Saturday Night Vibe" released in late 2021. His self-written lyrics portray personal life experiences, in a technical, rhythmic way to relate to his listeners. The artist brings a recognizable, new wave style of music that is beginning to take notice around the Northwest. Many have questioned elair's choice to stay and pursue a music career in his home state. But he continues to find uniqueness and beauty in being different and representing Montana, a place where no artist has really MADE IT yet, in hopes of one day putting his hometown on the map in the hip-hop industry. From speaking at schools and events for the youth, to getting crazy on stages, spreading love and positivity holds dear to elair's personality. His eye-catching music videos have been a cornerstone to the image and brand of, elair. The young artist has a wide collection of songs, as well as videos in his bag set to release in the coming year. elair is also co-owner of Nu Wav Studio in Missoula, MT where he engineers music for other surrounding artists with his friends.

The sky's the limit for elair.



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